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Love in Idleness

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What do you need to know about me?

I'm a reader. I read a lot. And fast. I mostly read slash of all kinks ... er, kinds. I'm also a very fussy and picky reader. Other people might have a little devil on their left shoulder. I have a literary critic. If I comment on your fic, you can be sure of two things: I love it, and the little horned beast has dissected & analysed it, and approves.

Sometimes, I'm a writer. I've been writing fanfiction for five years in different fandoms and am now trying my hand at originals. I don't get a lot done, because I'm cursed with an overacive imagination and a Muse suffering from ADHD. When I write, I write slash. Of all kinks and kind.

I'm an academic. I finished my MA, if not with summa cum laude then at least very close to it, and plan on continuing to my PhD. I'd prefer to go back to New Zealand for that, but sadly, funds are lacking. If you discover an unused million in your wallet, send it may way. My little horned literary critic, btw, is a side effect of studying literature.

I'm also a list freak. I have lists for everything.
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